Losing your keys can be quite alarming, particularly if they are your car keys. There isn’t too much more frustrating than being stuck at a location without any way of getting home. Worse than that is being in an unsafe location and situation after business hours. You do not want to find yourself stuck trying to figure out how quickly you can leave that area. Calling Tom’s locksmith in San Diego can alleviate some of that frustration.

We Tom’s locksmiths take pride in being reliable and efficient. Lost car keys or lockouts in San Diego happen more often than you may think and you want someone who will come to you ready and able to do the job. We know our fellow citizens are busy so locking important documents or something even more valuable in your car requires swift action.


Whether you need new keys or you need your car locks re-keyed our company can service you. In addition to offering timely and thorough service we understand the importance of customer service. We aim and are successful in meeting the needs of customers.

We are a full-service auto locksmith company taking care of emergency lockout, road side assistance, changing cylinder locks and ignition unlocking. Consider us your emergency locksmith in San Diego. It is vital that your locksmith be certified. We are trained to get you into your car without causing damage to the lock or other aspects of your vehicle. Unlicensed locksmiths are not properly trained and can end up costing you more money than you planned to spend.

We deal with all makes and models of vehicles and all types of car locks, mechanical laser and chip car keys. You can rest assured that as professionals we stay on top of the new technologies and trends for vehicles and their locks. We will continue to use our expertise to service you and your vehicle effectively.